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Bin-Shoelan Logistics & Aviation Services established in 2006, in Sanaa Yemen, as International freight forwarder service company, The knowledgeable and .

Air freight shipping is what drives the cargo business today. Thousands of tons are airlifted each and every day. Numerous shipping companies are offering the air freight services because it is a highly reliable and successful method of shipping.  Bin-Shoelan Logistics being a leader in air freight shipping logistics industry is sure partner that you should consider coming to. Indeed, there is a plethora of benefits that Bin-Shoelan Logistics will enable you to enjoy. Top on the list in the benefits arena include safety of the cargo being transported, lesser insurance cost compared to other transporting means, lesser packaging cost, which results in lower Air Freight Rates. It is these factors together with many others that directly contribute to the reliable name and brand that Bin-Shoelan Logistics has. This makes air freight shipping such a favorite to many clients.

One of the things that you will note with Bin-Shoelan Logistics air freight services is the use of similar terminologies for all of services offered with the other service providers. It is hard to find one firm using AWB (airway bill) while another uses BL (bill of lading). Most of the Air Freight shipping companies and agencies will explicitly indicate that there is no difference between the two for the sake of the client. In respect to all the other freight charges and terminologies used with respect to the cargo, the shipping lines will use the same language because even the authorities and the customers need to understand each other.

When it comes to air freight rates, you, the client will be required to research well and shortlist several shipping lines. They will then have to ask for quotes based on the different parameters regarding their cargo services. Without much strain, you will notice that Bin-Shoelan Logistics is the best in the pool. You can use the size of the cargo, the destination of the cargo, the time zones it will pass through or even the type of cargo that is involved. The shipping lines will then give you their exact quote after which you will then choose your best choice.

In normal circumstances after you have chosen the best quote, you will go to the shipping line and present the documents regarding the shipment. You will come to an agreement and then you will agree on the date of shipment. In many cases, it is the customer’s duty to take the cargo to the airport so that it can be loaded into the plane. The payment process and the issuing of the BL can be done. In almost all instances Bin-Shoelan air freight company can be done within the day or up to four days after delivery depending on the distance to be covered.

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