Inland Transportation

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This service includes large-size trucking between the different Yemeni cities, and boarder crossing trucks in the Middle East, It is worth noting that Bin-Shoelan Logistic trucking management owns a fleet of trucks, and is capable to meet the customer’s need of trucks. The transport division is able to meet customer’s request for multiple or single shipments,

Our goal at Bin-Shoelan Logistics Services LLC Kenya is to free you to focus on your core business by helping you manage the supply of your products in shorter lead time and at a lower cost. We understand your business requires logistics services 24/7 and can provide domestic trucking services in Kenya, and to neighborhood countries tailored to your specific logistical and budget needs. Not only do we ship anything around the world, we can also handle the domestic shipping and local distribution of your products throughout Kenya, and the United States.

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