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Sea Freight

Container Shipping anything overseas can be a complex endeavor. The logistics of any worldwide shipment must be carefully thought out and implemented beforehand. One of the problems that many people run into when they are planning their international cargo shipping containers is storage space in shipping containers. Often, shipments simply do not require a full 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container. In many cases, you likely do not have enough stuff to make efficient use of these large shipping containers.

But we have a great option for you if this is the case – less than full container load shipments. We can arrange to have your cargo shipping containers loaded into the excess space of a shipping container for another client, ensuring that both of you get a great Container shipping rates your cargo or belongings overseas.

Whether you are shipping your household belongings, commercial products, art, vehicles or just about anything else, our Bin-Shoelan Logistics team is ready to help you load up your Container Shipping, get it out of your local port and across the ocean to wherever you need to it to go. To find the nearest port of call near you, please contact one of your logistics representatives to get you started.

Our logistics team will ensure that your cargo shipping container is managed from port to port. We also have the ability, in certain regions, to offer door-to-door service as well. Contact one of your logistics representatives for more information and Container shipping rates. If your cargo shipment is comprised of boxes and small items, with no furniture, appliances or large electronics, we can easily place your entire shipment on pallets, to make shipping and packing much easier and more efficient. If your shipment includes large furniture, though, your shipment will be packaged in crates to ease the packing process. If you are only sending a few small boxes, you do not need to worry about crating or palletizing your cargo. [Container shipping rates]

With Bin-Shoelan logistics, you will have a team of dedicated, talented and reliable representatives working out the details of international shipping order. Everything from the size of your container, to delivery to and from port, to customs and managing all of the red tape that goes along with such a complex operation, let Bin-Shoelan worry about the details. You only need to focus on the things that you need to in order to make your container shipping go smoothly.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Bin-Shoelan has established long term relationships with the world’s premium shipping lines. We provide the best solutions for our customers with the most beneficial terms.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

Yes we can offer LCL service from any point in Middle East, Africa, USA & CANADA and ship your pallet or 2 to anywhere in the World.

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