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Arab Air Carriers Organization

Airport Council International

African,Caribbean and Pacific Group of States

Asian Development Bank

European Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association

African Civil Aviation Commission

African Insurance Organization

Latin American Integration Association

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group

Association of South-East Nations
Business and Industry Advisory Committee

Baltic and International Maritime Council

Bank for International Settlements

Council of Arab Economic Unity

Caribbean Community

Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine

Council of Europe

European Insurance Committee

European Chimical Industry Council

Central European Free Trade Agreement

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

European Committee for Standardization

Economic Commission for Latin America

European Council or the Paint, Printing inks and Artist’s Colour Industry

Community of European Railways

Central Intelligence Agency

European Association of Automotive Suppliers

Commonwealth of Nations

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

European Commission

Economic Commission for Africa

European Civil Aviation Conference

Economic Commission for Europe, Commission

Euroean Fertirizer Manufacturers Association

European Free Trade Association

European Intermodal Association

European Investment Bank

European Regions Airline Association

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PAcific (UN)

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN)

European Sea POrts Organization

European Union

European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation

Federal Aviation Administration

Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)

European Federation of Chemacal Distributors

Federation of European Movers Association

International Automobile Federation

Federation of Ffeight Forwarders Associations

Federation of International Furniture Removers

Federation of National Association of SHip Brokers and Agents

Hazardous Materials Advisory Coouncil

International Association of Classification Societies

International Association of Commercial Administrators

International Association of Maritime Economists

International Council if Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association

International Air Transport Association

International Bar Association

International Civil Aviation Organization (UN)

International Chamber of Commerce

International Council of Chemical Associations

International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association

International Cargo Inspection Bureau

International Chamber of Shipping

International Energy Association

International Freight Association

International Federation of Customs Brokers Association

International Federation for Information Processing

Institute of International Container Lessors

International Law Association

International Labour Organization (UN affiliate)

International Monetary Fund (UN)

International Maritime Organization (UN)

International Multimodal Transport Association

International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners

International Criminal Police Organization

International Association of Independent Tanker Owners

International Road Federation

International Road Transport Union

International Shipping Federation

International Statistical Institute

International Organization for Standardization

Institute of Air Transport

Inland Transport Committee (ECE)

Institute of Transportation Engineers

International Telecommunication Union (UN)

Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping

Southern Common Market (Argentina,Brazil,Paraguay,Uruguay)

Multiport Ship Adencies Network

North American Free Trade Agreement

The Nordic Council (Denmakr,Finland,Island,Norway,Sweden)

Organization of American States

Organization of Afrian Unity

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

Organization of the Islamic Shipowners’ Association

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Pacific Economic Cooperation Council

Latin American Economic System

Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration

Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques

The International Air Cargo Association

Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations

International Union of Railways

International Union of Private Wagons

International Union of combined Road Rail transport companies

International Union of Public Transportation

United Nations

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UN)

United Nations Conference on Tfade and Development

United Nations Environment Programme (UN)

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UN)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UN)

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UN)

International Institute for the Unification of Private Law

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UN)

Universal Postal Union

World Bank

World Customs Organization

World Health Organization (UN)

World Intellectual Property Organization (UN)

World Mateorological Organization (UN)

World Packaging Organization

World Trade Centers Association

World Trade Organization

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